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Foreplay to frotting, where two limp penises are smacked together until peak arousel occurs. Once both penises are fully engorged ample frotting will inevitably occur. See frotting.
Jared was very upset after his miserable performance that day, so Tyler took it upon himself to cheer him up with copious amounts of violent fropping,which lead to a long enduring session of sweaty, hot frotting. Vivaciously.
by CamNewton January 10, 2011
The combination of the words "frat shopping". It is the act of shopping for fratty attire.
Friend #1: You coming out to The Well tonight?

Me: Yea, but I have to go fropping real quick. I need a new set of Sperry's.
by HoldMyFish December 07, 2011
When a girl or guy posts pictures on social media at a certain angle (usually with filters) to make them selves look a lot more attractive than they actually are, that is the act of Fropping. One who does so is a frop.

Breakdown: fat + crop
I was talking to this girl on tinder but when I met up with her it turned out she was Fropping.
by That_1_guy April 17, 2015
Fropping is making frog-like movements and sounds while taking a dump on a girl's chest.
Guy 1: I was fropping that girl for 3 hours steady.
Guy 2: O_o... that's so kinky.
by XileLord March 28, 2010
Frame rate drop. Combination of FPS (frames per second) and Drop.
"I was playing Crysis, when suddenly the game started fropping."
by kungfujedis January 13, 2010
A combination of free and shopping generally to denote stealing or shop lifting.
I need a new DVD want to go Fropping?
by Calmor January 19, 2010
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