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Based on the old European tradition of the Album Amicorum, a Frook (short for "Friendship Book") is the 21st century version of a book that your friends can write into.
Hey Paul, do you want to write into my Frook?
by FriederCool December 11, 2013
A frook is a cross between a Freak and a Fool. Thought to origin from England, circa 2005, by my partner who cant talk for shit!
Shut up you Feckin F-F-F-F-F-Frook!!!
by SproggleBump July 16, 2010
to express disappointment; alternate word choice for "fuck"
also: Frooker, frooked, frooking...
Ah Frook!
by Sobo March 22, 2003
Friends on facebook that you don't really want to be friends with or hang out with.
Who is this person on facebook? Do you ever hang out with them?

No, they are just a frook. I don't even like them.
by KellyPawPaw March 05, 2011
The contraction of the phrase "French hook," which describes an extreme leftward bend in the human penis. (Also called "freedom hook" in certain parts of the United States.)
Only a man with a fierce frook can scratch my right-wing itch.
by Egadzilla July 06, 2009
A fruitcake, but in human form.
Related: Fruitloop, Nutcase etc..
You fecking frook Batey, You'll never fit that in there!
by Bunny October 14, 2004
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