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Whisky with only a splash of Coke, as Dime says. Fucking class!
Pantera drinks Black Tooth Grins.
by Bunny August 05, 2005
An embarassingly bad joke. Often demonstrated during wedding or 18th/21st Birthday Speeches.
Situation: You've just had a hair cut.
Dad Joke: What happened to you son? Had a run-in with a lawn mower?!
by Bunny January 20, 2004
land of origin.

(only applies to an individual who was born in that land and is now living abroad).
Kristina: "This summer I'm going back to the motherland!"

Stacy: "Like, where's your motherland?"

Kristina : "Slovenia"
by bunny February 19, 2004
From the small town of Winchester, VA. An effectionate name for one who is, or dresses like a skank/hoe/slut. never to be confused with prostitute.
You look especially skankalanky today.
by Bunny March 17, 2005
Basically, it states that it is impossible for entropy to decrease in a closed system.
"So you say the second law of thermodynamics disproves organic evolution, do you? Do you even know what the FIRST law is?"
by Bunny January 07, 2004
When a woman doesn't trim/shave her pubic area.
She needs to do something with that chewbacca twat before she goes around showing it to everyone.
by bunny September 15, 2004
belligerant, rowdy drunk, unaware of one's own drunkeness
You were so bellig last night
by Bunny March 31, 2005
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