The day that Rebecca Black ruined
Rebecca Black ruined Friday with that awful song
by factoropinion April 10, 2011
A day everyone used to look forward to until a 13-year-old came out with a song called Friday and turned the day into a negative connotation. As a result, we now have all these Friday jokes we can't get away from.
Girl 1: "I'm glad it's Friday. Can't wait to go home, sleep, relax and chill with my friends"

Girl 2: "Friday, Friday, gettin down on Friday everybody's lookin forward to the weekend"

Girl 1: "Partyin, Partyin (yeah)"

Girl 2: "Partyin, Partyin (yeah)"

Girl 1: grabs a bat and hits the other person with it "fun, fun, fun, fun" now stop ruining my Friday with this abomination
by Distortioncat April 08, 2011
The unfortunate word that is the solid base to the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black. She uses the most amazing day of the week and completely turns it into something that no one looks forward to any longer.
Guy 1: Im so excited for friday!

Guy 2: I heard that song and now im only into saturdays.

Guy 1: What song?

Guy 2: The Rebecca Black one!

Guy 1: *listens*.......thanks alot, now i just want saturday to come.
by biebseroonie April 04, 2011
The day that follows Thursday, but comes before Saturday. A day of partying and having fun, and looking forward to the weekend.
It is Friday.
by harrypotterismydad March 27, 2011
A song by 13 year old Rebecca Black that became an internet sensation in the middle of March 2011, gaining over 15 million views in less than oneweek. Many claim it to be "the worst song ever" and criticize its monotonous lyrics, especially a break in which she sings "Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday / Today is Friday, Friday (Partyin’) …Tomorrow is Saturday / And Sunday comes afterwards." The song was produced by California-based video company Ark Music Factory and has had notable success on iTunes, breaking into the Top 100.
It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend!
by svedak March 19, 2011
The space time continuum dictates that it is the start of a temporary 2 day hiatus of school and teacher authority over students, being that is the 6th day of the week, the 5th work day of the week, following Thursday.
This Friday we will all be free from the oppressive environment known simply as school.
by Mr. Br March 04, 2010
A slang term used to describe men and women of white/caucasian decent. Usually used in conjunction with terms such as "cracker," "the man," "uptight," "white devil," and "pizza." The term was coined in Hollywood by The M of T and some Monday friends. The reason 'Friday' became the slur mostly stems from the first historical account (on Friday, June 18, 1790) of a slave master "cracking his whip" on a slave who stopped picking cotton on a Virginia plantation. The slaves called him a "cracker." This historical account was then tied into the widely accepted fact that the first baked cracker came about on Friday, March 13, 1801 when Massachusetts baker, Josiah Bent, burnt a batch of biscuits in his oven. Later on, Bent sold his enterprise to the company we now know as Nabisco on Friday, Sept. 23, 1898. The rest of the weekdays represent different racial categories to help disguise affectionate sayings and niceties, as well.
Billy: I love Fridays!

Tyree: Shut up you uptight, cracker-ass, white devil Friday!!

Wong: Yeah..stupid Friday!

Habib: root dee doot doot! Thank you come again...Friday-ass honkey!

Altogether: Lets get some pizza!
by RedNeckZilla August 12, 2008

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