A slang term used to describe men and women of white/caucasian decent. Usually used in conjunction with terms such as "cracker," "the man," "uptight," "white devil," and "pizza." The term was coined in Hollywood by The M of T and some Monday friends. The reason 'Friday' became the slur mostly stems from the first historical account (on Friday, June 18, 1790) of a slave master "cracking his whip" on a slave who stopped picking cotton on a Virginia plantation. The slaves called him a "cracker." This historical account was then tied into the widely accepted fact that the first baked cracker came about on Friday, March 13, 1801 when Massachusetts baker, Josiah Bent, burnt a batch of biscuits in his oven. Later on, Bent sold his enterprise to the company we now know as Nabisco on Friday, Sept. 23, 1898. The rest of the weekdays represent different racial categories to help disguise affectionate sayings and niceties, as well.
Billy: I love Fridays!

Tyree: Shut up you uptight, cracker-ass, white devil Friday!!

Wong: Yeah..stupid Friday!

Habib: root dee doot doot! Thank you come again...Friday-ass honkey!

Altogether: Lets get some pizza!
by RedNeckZilla August 12, 2008
The day after thursday and before Saturday, and Sunday comes afterward. this is Rebecca black's favorite day of the week... she loves it so much, she made a hit song about it! everybody is excited on Friday... and on Friday, you wake up, go downstairs, have cereal, get to the bus stop to catch your bus. but then , you see your friends! even though they are 13, you hop in the car with them to skip school and drive illegally to school. you have a great time because your hand is a dolphin. then your partying with your friends, and who knows where the day went, cus it's night time and you give an outdoor concert that people love. they all fistpump, and some random dude raps about you cus he's cool like that. who doesn't love friday? you can only get down on friday anyways.
it's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday.

r, b, rebecca black!

yesterday was Thursday, thursday. today it is friday, friday. weee wee wee so excited, wee so excited, we gonna have a ball today, tomorrow is saturday, and sunday comes afterward.
by baseballgirl812 April 15, 2011
Rebecca Black's favorite day.
Girl: "So did you see Rebecca Black's music video for Friday?"

Boy: "Yeah, since when do thirteen year olds drive? And I swear, if she and Justin Biber do an Autotune duet together, I'm going to kill myself!"

Girl: "Just wait until you hear her song Prom Night then."
by bwgirl0930 March 30, 2011
A song by Rebecca Black about having fun on Friday and being excited for the weekend. It is on YouTube and iTunes.
Hey have you heard that song Friday?
OMG yeah I saw the music video. I'm 13 why can't I drive yet?
by Theamazingone! March 27, 2011
The second favorite f-word of many people
My favorite f-words:

"Hey John, what's your second favorite f-word?"
by It's Bieber Bitch! January 09, 2015
A term popularized by Youtube personality Rebecca Black. Used to describe a time when somebody is "so excited" or "can't decide".
Person 1: Dude, we're going to Las Vegas?! IT'S FUCKING FRIDAY!

Person 2: I couldn't figure out if I wanted vanilla ice cream or chocolate. It was completely Friday, man
by JAMESBAH December 27, 2011
The best day of the week until February 2011, when a 14 year old girl named Rebecca Black released the song by the same name and officially ruined the day for just about everyone. Now saturday and thursday have officially split the glory once held by friday.
Person A: Thank god it's finally friday.
Person B: You know what that means *plays "Friday" by Rebecca Black"
Person A: OH DEAR GOD NO!!!! FUCK!!!! AHHHH MY POOR EARS!!!! *puts on Van Halen Ahhh that's better. *to person b* play that song one more fucking time and I will physically remove your internal organs and feed them to my dog!
by Gaaraofthedamned November 26, 2011

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