The best day of the week until February 2011, when a 14 year old girl named Rebecca Black released the song by the same name and officially ruined the day for just about everyone. Now saturday and thursday have officially split the glory once held by friday.
Person A: Thank god it's finally friday.
Person B: You know what that means *plays "Friday" by Rebecca Black"
Person A: OH DEAR GOD NO!!!! FUCK!!!! AHHHH MY POOR EARS!!!! *puts on Van Halen Ahhh that's better. *to person b* play that song one more fucking time and I will physically remove your internal organs and feed them to my dog!
by Gaaraofthedamned November 26, 2011
The day before Saturday that has now been ruined by Rebecca Black.
Guy 1: hey, it's friday!
Guy 2: Jesus Christ don't start...
Guy 1: it's Friday, Friday, gettin down on fri-
Guy 2: *punch*
by EnemyPeach May 27, 2011
An obnoxius song sang by Rebecca Black that is one of the most annoying song on youtube.

A song that is completely pointless in this universe
That song is sooo Friday!!
by Bieber fever forever April 26, 2011
The day that 13-year-old girls go out and party.
Rebecca Black: "Yesterday it was Thursday. Today (today) is is Friday. We we so excited. We gonna have a ball today. Tomorrow is Saturday. And Sunday comes afterwards"
by scr228 April 01, 2011
A mixture of kush, alcohol, bitches and best bros. If you don't recognize this description, you may need to up your game.
"Dude! Last friday that bong almost killed me! I was so drunk and high I don't even remember that bitch I fucked!"

"Next friday we finna turn up!"
by Purple Blaze November 15, 2013
A big black hairy dick. Very masculine and thick. Scientists estimate it at around 15 inches. Moreover it canno. Be placed in a mouth without choking the victim to death. Also, only can fit in an extremely loose vagina.
Gotta get down on Friday.
by Fridayslayer December 01, 2011
Everyone says Friday is awesome because it's the day before the weekend and all bit to me it can be torture. Sweating yourself in for six hours at school knowing that when the bell rings your weekend will start but you feel like a mess in the meanwhile.
Damn, I know you love Fridays and all, but part of it is non-weekend heart stab.
by Oiled November 07, 2011

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