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The day before Saturday that has now been ruined by Rebecca Black.
Guy 1: hey, it's friday!
Guy 2: Jesus Christ don't start...
Guy 1: it's Friday, Friday, gettin down on fri-
Guy 2: *punch*
by EnemyPeach May 27, 2011
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The day that 13-year-old girls go out and party.
Rebecca Black: "Yesterday it was Thursday. Today (today) is is Friday. We we so excited. We gonna have a ball today. Tomorrow is Saturday. And Sunday comes afterwards"
by scr228 April 01, 2011
3 1
Rebecca Black's favorite day.
Girl: "So did you see Rebecca Black's music video for Friday?"

Boy: "Yeah, since when do thirteen year olds drive? And I swear, if she and Justin Biber do an Autotune duet together, I'm going to kill myself!"

Girl: "Just wait until you hear her song Prom Night then."
by bwgirl0930 March 30, 2011
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A song by Rebecca Black about having fun on Friday and being excited for the weekend. It is on YouTube and iTunes.
Hey have you heard that song Friday?
OMG yeah I saw the music video. I'm 13 why can't I drive yet?
by Theamazingone! March 27, 2011
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A big black hairy dick. Very masculine and thick. Scientists estimate it at around 15 inches. Moreover it canno. Be placed in a mouth without choking the victim to death. Also, only can fit in an extremely loose vagina.
Gotta get down on Friday.
by Fridayslayer December 01, 2011
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An obnoxius song sang by Rebecca Black that is one of the most annoying song on youtube.

A song that is completely pointless in this universe
That song is sooo Friday!!
by Bieber fever forever April 26, 2011
2 1
Optimum time for getting down
Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! Everybody looking forward to the weekend!
by Mrs Darren Criss April 06, 2011
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