1. A michievous prankster. Known by eyewittnesses to have stolen street signs using just her bare hands

2. A fluid body of water, known to stagnate near such classes as 'Society and Culture' and 'Business Studies'

3. A bottomless pit of self-love proclaimations, carried out on unsuspecting, innocent individuals, (see Fredwell Tsang and Napthalene)

4. A crazy Bob I've known since we was yay high. One of a kind, brings a tear to my eye...laughing, that is!
Hey, what happened to my bag? Oh my God I've been nuggeted!! April Fools...Freshiiiie...

Hey whats this written on my diary?
I...Love...Freshie...I want to be Freshie...Freshie rocks my world...

Want to hear a good song? BBC Snooker is so rad right now!
by Fredwell August 04, 2004
Top Definition
An imigrant, usually to the uk
look at dat freshie actin like he b a don
by Nu T May 02, 2005
Someone who has just entered a english speaking country, and has poor english skills and has a very odd and mocked accent. Normally a person who has moved from a eastern country to a western country;

e.g. India to UK

Most of them wear trampy clothes (most asian freshies wear sandals the whole year round), and education is all they talk about.

If it is an asian freshy, then their man aim is to get their children to get all A*, and for their children to go to oxford uni.
White man: wass up dawg?
Freshy: vat about my dog? Yes, my son just got 6 A for A level. He is goin oxford uni.
White man: Blad, did i wanna noe dat? You are sum top freshie.
by tientientien September 04, 2007
Is an insulting slur used by British asians (British born Indians) because you look remotely indian or are first generation indian in the country.

Not realising that you may in fact not be from india and speak english fluently, but interestingly enough not realising their own parents are in fact freshies.
Guy One (british asian): Would you like some paynt? You freshie.

Guy Two: Fuck off, retard...
by Chronic_demonik June 27, 2009
A person who has recently immigrated from another country; derived from the phrase, "fresh off the boat".
Oy, get a load of that freshie there!
by gahrahstah August 29, 2010
Someone whos in a english spoken country,and has shit english and when speaks english has a damn weird accent to it which is usually mocked about.
''Iz deez a vashing maching?''
''Yo blad chek out dis asian freshie ere''
by Selz April 29, 2006
Australian slang for the Australian freshwater crocodile
Strewth! There's a freshie swimming up the rivah!
by skaffman1 January 19, 2011
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