A nice cold unopened beer. The beer is considered a freshie until after the first sip, then it is no longer a freshie.
Dude, while you're up grab me a freshie from the fridge.
by Yanks01 January 05, 2009
When smoking weed, the first hit in a fresly packed bowl.
"Nah man, it's your stuff; you take the freshie."
by dd April 08, 2005
New bong. New screen. Sweet bud. First hit. Freshie.
I'm in the mood for a freshie. Yum.
by Stoney in Baltimore February 13, 2004
To haze or to initiate a freshman student.
Whoa dude, did you just get freshied?
by Mibbly January 26, 2004
Anything new and pristine.
"Is your Ipod still busted?"
"I took it back and they gave me a freshie pod"
by R Austin April 09, 2008
frshie, sideparting, gel back, ehhh
there is suim1 called john on the phone
ok mummy
wat did u say im freshie
by guneet November 22, 2007
Used to describe new fallen snow on a ski hill
Dude, lets get up early and ski some freshie
by LTMartin September 26, 2006

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