A brand- spanking new syringe (preferably insulin type) used for the intravenous injection of drugs (preferably heroin or methamphetamine)
Junkie1 - Hey man my pin is super dull after using it for the past 2 months. Might you have a FRESHIE?!

Junkie 2 - Sorry man, i don't have any on me, BUT we can go buy some legally at mostly any pharmacy.
by thepinman777 October 27, 2011
Freshie is a term used to describe a 'fresh' margarita, meaning it is made with fresh squeezed limes.
I'm going to have a freshie and sit by the pool.
by JodyMT September 14, 2014
Some who thinks there fresh
"Who's that freshie, thinking he's fresh, when he's far from fresh"
by Em.cunt November 05, 2013
a college freshman
Oh. The freshies are all excited about their 1st day in college.
by narniax May 22, 2013
A peice of shit dangling from your ass hole. aka dingleberry
dude my freshie was smelly when she was deep throating me
by Raven Fry December 29, 2011
A freshman in high school
Get out of my way and walk you stupid freshie!!
Eww your dating a freshie??
God those freshie get shorter and shorter every year, don't they?
by Alivia M January 25, 2008
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