A freshman in high school
Get out of my way and walk you stupid freshie!!
Eww your dating a freshie??
God those freshie get shorter and shorter every year, don't they?
by Alivia M January 25, 2008
The Aussie Vocab for 'Freshie'

A wannabe gangster/hoodlum with an awful haircut (usually composing of short sides, MASSIVE! Rattie with long hair on the top that is usually gelled up)
they will tend to wear pink, yellow fluro tops/ or tight clothing to show off their 'mussels' or ‘package’
and in many cases they seas to exist

(or to show that they are actually gay to the rest of society.. who knows!)

You will also hear their horrible slurred speech in which they love to say 'what cunt!', 'arrrrh' ‘ what up broooh’, and 'ummmm'

as there intelligence seems to have ran away and for a good reason, as how can anything stay within a ‘freshies’ radius and not feel the “dumbing effect”.
It is also wise to note that you never call a Freshie stupid as it tends to be a complete understatement.
Example: (Yr 12 student)

Teacher (Neil.. the awesome 1): Jarrad what comes before toast?
Jarrad (Freshie): ummmmmm
Jarrad (Freshie): arrh toast
Teacher (Neil.. the awesome 1): "Speechless"

Note: this example came from a real events and many like this
by Sweet Chilli Filli September 25, 2009
A fresh haircut, usually for guys with fades or military cuts.
Babe-o-tron: Nice haircut.
Me: Yeah, got a freshie.
by Kokernutz May 03, 2006
Freshy is a short, red headed girl who loves skinny jeans and beer pong. She is the most badass person you will meet, and the one to look to if you ever need a drink.
Dont underestimate her because of her size, give her the chance and she'll kick your candy lovin ass all the way to Africa.
Short, happy, nice, sweet, crazzy, dizzy, anna, josh, jeremy, richy, lexi, freshie
by NikitaTheBadass May 11, 2010
A new haircut.
"Look guys, I got myself a freshie."
by nick(from-your-town) March 08, 2009
Freshmen in highschool who try to act cute and innocent to get upperclassmen; Freshmen who don't know what time they get out of class, although they've been in school for over two months; Freshmen who lets any upperclassmen get in their pants because they think the upperclassmen actually like them; Freshmen who are so dumb, you want to scream
What a freshie moment!

Look at that freshie!
by shenangianreeves April 29, 2009
An unused hypodermic needle.
Jimmy, you got any freshies? My current rig is a little seedy.
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006

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