Used to describe new fallen snow on a ski hill
Dude, lets get up early and ski some freshie
by LTMartin September 26, 2006
a new &/or stylish clothing garment that impresses one's peers. the original freshie was a green, ralph lauren polo shirt, copped by craig brady.
"what do you think of this freshie, bro? you want it, don't you?"
by jsnyd September 27, 2005
1. too good to be true
2. better than anybody
3. the best
4. too hot to stop
This freshie rite here is too hot to stop..u dun knooo

im so sexy, im the best, im too good for you
by #1 Stunna April 01, 2005
Freshie refers to a physically attractive person, also known as a hottie. The word freshie originates from the popular television show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Person A: What are you doing tonight?
Person B: I'm going to check out all the freshies at the mall.

Person A: Did you see those freshies?
Person B: They were FINEE!
by anonymousekaterr December 28, 2008
1. One who eats excessive amounts of pie
2. One who cooks excessive amounts of pie or crumpets
3. One who performs acts of freshieness
Andrew was not astonished once he came to the final conclusion that Pat is a Freshie.
by Bob Saget February 09, 2003
Nickname for Kyle.
pretty awesome kid.
mostly a sweetheart.
very funny.
Hey Freshie, you going to hustlers tomorrow?
by RyRyFersure September 21, 2008
Newly turned 18 year olds infiltrating Melbournes Night Clubs.
Usually seen in lines outside, wearing rosemin or stevie outfits. All look identical to one another.
Looking at a bunch of young girls and guys inside a night club "So many freshies are here"
by Bahaha April 05, 2006

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