Hooking up with a girl immediately after she breaks up with her boyfriend, during the 'rebound' period.
You remember that girl we knew from Chem class? I'm gonna get me some free lunch with her today.
by Mankind 1337 April 28, 2008
Top Definition
Used to refer to a *-free or catch free offer, the expression "there is no free lunch" sums it up.
fucktard: "This flyer says I can win a free Ipod!"

Figure.10: "There's no free lunch, butthole."
by Figure.10 June 26, 2009
A lunch that is free. It does exist but only one has been sighted.
Dave: YO BUBBA, what you doin' for lunch?
Bubba: I'm gettin' me a freelunch, man.
Bubba(Goathead): I reckon you're full of poop.
by Franz November 20, 2004
The act of ejaculating into a sleeping homeless hoe's mouth, giving her the protien and salts she so desperatly needs.
I saw this bum in the alley, and I gave her some free lunch.
by Remington Steele February 03, 2005
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