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A character from South Park. Known for his nasal voice and general cynisim. He wears a blue hat with flaps and ties on it, which has a yellow poof ball on top. He has shiney black hair. He gets into trouble alot, usualy for flipping everyone off. He can't help it. Craig's whole family is like that. He's also gay for Tweek. Few people know this.
Craig Tucker is awesome.
by Figure.10 June 01, 2009
Sacramento is the capital, that's right the capital of California. It is a big city, with an amazing downtown area, a nice suburban area, a notorious ghetto area, and yes, beautiful farmland with livestock such as cows.

Sac-Town was cited by Time Magazine as the most integrated city in the United States. The 2005-2007 census shows the population of The City of Trees to be 53% White, 16.1% Black, and 19.3% Asian. In addition, 24.8% of the population were Latino or Hispanic of any race.

The 91sickness is not part of the bay area, as the weather gets much hotter here, but we do get fucking hyphy.
The American River runs through Sac, creating spots for fishing, swimming, and drunken college partying.

Sacramento's basketball team is the

Sacramento Kings,

who have had a long-standing showdown with the Los Angeles Lakers

Sac is a mayor center of art and music, with museums and great local bands often playing at downtown venues.

Sacramento was ranked 38th in a list of the most populated US cities.
Jim: "So where are you from?"

Figure.10: "Sacramento"

Jim:"Isn't that full of cows and gangsters?"

Figure.10: *laughs* "we're way cooler than that, dude!"
by Figure.10 May 18, 2009
Nestle Milo is a chocolate malt drink popular in Australia.

I bought some at a specialty market and it's yummy!
Figure.10: "Whatcha' doin'?"

K3kyle: "Drinkin' Milo"

Figure.10: "Me too!" *slurps*
by Figure.10 June 26, 2009
A reasurance used toward to guys who are about to, or who you wish were about to, engage in homosexual activity. With just eachother, or with you as well.

It's not true, of course, as simply doing something with someone else can't change who you're attracted to, but with dudes being so afraid to be gay, it's worth a try.

It's also just funny.
Shane: "No way"

Kyle: "Y..yeah"

Figure.10: "Aw.....but remember, it's only gay if your balls touch!"
by Figure.10 May 27, 2009
A hair fetish is having the need for the object of one's affections to have a special type, colour, style, etc; of hair in order to be found attractive. This fetish is not exclusive to guys, as many girls find guy's hair to be a major turn-on.
~Example of hair fetish~

Alexan: "Why don't you like him? I thought he was cute!"

Figure.10: "Urg..yeah..but he had a fucking crew-cut and...."

(sees guy with awesome hair)


Alexan: "..."
by Figure.10 May 26, 2009
The plastic SOLO brand cup you drink whatever the hell it is you're drinking now, you can't remember, at parties.

People buy them for everything becuase they're cheap, and no one cares that the'll all end up in land fills.

Usualy red, but sometimes blue. They're flimsy, amd crack easily. Especialy if you sit on one.

If you're not sure if it's yours, please don't drink out of it. You could get mono.
Fill a generic party cup with urine, and set it on that asshole's ceiling fan.

Now run.
by Figure.10 June 01, 2009
Having a great affinity for people with accents. Any applies, though it's usualy confined to one or two.
~ Accent Fetish at work ~

Danni: "How ya' been?

Figure.10: "I had a dream I was at an Australian boy's school"

Danni: "Ooo, nice"
by Figure.10 May 29, 2009

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