An amazing Guy. Freds are Totally hot, Hillarious, great boyfriends. (: They might seem like a jock that is too cool for feelings, but when you get close to them, you see they have a big heart. Give great hugs, and isn't afraid to show feelings in public. Hates annoying girls too
Girl 1: Did you see that hot boy?
Girl 2: Who, Fred?
Girl 1: Yeah, I like him a lot, but i think he's too cool for me
Girl 2: No, he's super sweet, go for it!(:
by loveroflife339 October 15, 2010
A person you hate because of his/her voice.
Girl: I hate him, he is such a FRED.
by yourinhell4567 April 22, 2010
Fucking Retarded Explosives Delivery System.
When will those damned "FREDS" stop blowing themselves up?
by Sherry M. September 11, 2006
The most obnoxious thing on the fucking internet.
Fred: hey its fred!
Guy: Shut the fuck up! Jeezus.
by FredIsAFuckingFaggot February 22, 2012
fake dreds
"Oh gurl i like ur freds!"
"Thanks my cousin did them."
by stjake January 17, 2009
A kid that thought it would be funny to broadcast himself on YouTube because he hit the opposite of puberty. Now he somehow entertains people with his random, annoying stupidity.
*What is that awful noise?!?
*Oh, my sister is just watching Fred again.
by GorillaZ 807 May 30, 2012
Standing for Fucking Rediculous Eating Device, the FRED is very handy in situations when you need a can opener, spoon and a bottle opener. Found in the ration pack of the Australian army and probaly other armies or groups too.
Hey can u chuck us that FRED so i can open this gaddam can of peaches!
by Carlo.S April 29, 2005

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