fake dreds
"Oh gurl i like ur freds!"
"Thanks my cousin did them."
by stjake January 17, 2009
Standing for Fucking Rediculous Eating Device, the FRED is very handy in situations when you need a can opener, spoon and a bottle opener. Found in the ration pack of the Australian army and probaly other armies or groups too.
Hey can u chuck us that FRED so i can open this gaddam can of peaches!
by Carlo.S April 29, 2005
To fret that you might poop yourself whilst allowing your sphincter to relax ever so slightly in the hope that you will enjoy the pleasure of releasing a tremendously satisfying, beeping fart. This verb applies especially to coffee drinkers on the run to catch a mode of public transportation.
"I'm running to the lightrail and I just scarfed last night's Chipotle, followed by two espresso shots, so I really hope I don't fred because these are my only work-appropriate trousers."
by Kid Whiskers July 14, 2015
An old man who pervs on kids, slang for pedophile.
Stop looking at that kid you look like a Fred
by the weird witch June 02, 2015
Front to rear end device, left over from train yard slang, can also be used to describe any skanky hobag as a sexual device.
OMFG look at Marshia, she is such a F.R.E.D.!
by thehampster September 20, 2007
A drunk ass crackhead, who wears a tight skully that's rolled up on the sides. He has hair that is so mattered up that when the skully is removed it still looks like the skully is still is intact. He never showers and is broke as hell. He only knows how to sit around and eat all of peoples' that he doesn't buy. And lastly he has some busted ass feet that look like they have talons attached to them.
That man's skully is so tight that he looks like a Fred.
by The 1 & Only April 06, 2014
Fred is a gay and he touches him self every day especially in the morning. Fred likes other men. Fred has a very loose butt hole for obvious reasons.
Two gay males were doing the fred
by qwertyaadfgh November 15, 2013

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