Front to rear end device, left over from train yard slang, can also be used to describe any skanky hobag as a sexual device.
OMFG look at Marshia, she is such a F.R.E.D.!
by thehampster September 20, 2007
To fret that you might poop yourself whilst allowing your sphincter to relax ever so slightly in the hope that you will enjoy the pleasure of releasing a tremendously satisfying, beeping fart. This verb applies especially to coffee drinkers on the run to catch a mode of public transportation.
"I'm running to the lightrail and I just scarfed last night's Chipotle, followed by two espresso shots, so I really hope I don't fred because these are my only work-appropriate trousers."
by Kid Whiskers July 14, 2015
A usually small, not so good looking guy. Very nerdy and wears glasses in most cases. Good school results are at the essence. One of his limited qualities is his judging abilities. In fact, it's all he ever does. Never open to what his friends say, he always talks about sex and drugs.
by Therect November 13, 2013
An annoying YouTube sensation (made by Lucas Cruishank) about a kid named Fred Figglehorn.

He makes his voice all high pitched and does very stupid things like run around in circles for no reason. It's even more annoying when he screams. He does not deserve 3 movies and his own show on Nickelodeon. He's not funny at all.

It other words, stay away from his videos, show and his movies. Save your ears.
Fred sucks. End of discussion.
by AntiAnnoying August 06, 2012
Standing for Fucking Rediculous Eating Device, the FRED is very handy in situations when you need a can opener, spoon and a bottle opener. Found in the ration pack of the Australian army and probaly other armies or groups too.
Hey can u chuck us that FRED so i can open this gaddam can of peaches!
by Carlo.S April 29, 2005
A fuck boy niga who thinks he has game. He tells you exatcly what you want to hear. He spits oneliners and rhymes as if lil wayne talking. He will get in your head and fuck with your mind and then twist that shit around. Good luck if you think you can trust him. He will FUCK EVERYTHING up. Cut this short lil niga off cause he gonna be in jail anyway. Don't be a Fred..
Dude: dawg stop you're such a Fred...
Other dude: damn my bad fam!
fuckboy niga playa hoe markass fuck that
by That bitch you hate April 17, 2016
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