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Number 1 goalkeeper for Manchester City and England's national team. He is a great keeper and has awesome reflexes and diving skills. He also is funny and a sexy man.
City Fan #1: Hey did you see Joe Hart's performance today?
City Fan #2: Oh yeah! Another clean sheet!
#manchester city #soccer #england #goalkeeper #umbro
by BlueMoonRising September 30, 2012
Quality goalkeeper, probably one of the best England has got in the last years. As of 2013, he plays for Manchester City. Paired with his goalkeeping skills is his resemblance of Barney from The Flintstones. Also widely known for acting like an ape everytime his team scores.
'Why is Joe Hart running around and slapping his own knees? Oh, City just scored.'
#joe hart #english team #manchester city #premier league #football
by Jesus Lizard Freaky NNNN May 19, 2013
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