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The sound that the roadrunner makes
See and Say: The road runner says, "Meep Meep!"
by yo-what-is-up-my-dawg November 01, 2003
Sound you make when someone says something t-totally fucking stupid; as to imitate the sound of a retard bus.
Dumbass: I heard it's raining outside; do I need my umbrella?

Person with common sense: MEEP MEEP; is that your bus I hear?? What the hell do YOU think, dumbass?!?!?
by J. Malik December 06, 2005
1 The sound of the jetta horn.
2 an insult to the jetta which causes your girlfriend to kiss you in order to shut you up.
I want some meep meeps, or I will drop some apple fish on your head
by Lord XaERO April 12, 2004
the sound made while grabbing a nice pair of female breasts.
(leans over grabs breasts) "meep meep!"
by meeppy C May 16, 2006
the single greatest phrase in the english language can be used as
1) an informal greeting
2) a way of breaking awkward silences
3)a replacement for any word phrase or letter in the world

HOMO1: hey dude
HOMO2:meep meep.

HOMO2:meep meep

HOMO1: my mum just died of breast cancer
HOMO2: omg man that sounds totally meep-meeping awful....not haha
by chizabc September 25, 2007
Meep Meep is the sound bunnies make when they are on their way retrieving food.
One Early Wednesday morning, a meep meep was heard coming from a very hungry bunny. "Meep Meep"
by Chelsey January 12, 2005