an awesome guy who is good at sports, and super smart. tends to have cool hair. Freds are cute, super super hot amazin in bed a perfect kisser and has a big dick, best friend you will ever have. good at xbox. laughs at almost everything, so great sense of Humor. if you know a Fred then you are lucky
girl 1: omg omg omg, who is that??? he is sooo cute
girl 2: o i don't know, but i'm guessing his name is Fred, i mean who else would be THAT cute
by raid1234567 December 14, 2010
The most overrated Youtube user in the history of Youtube.

He has the most subscribers ever for dumb video that have no point whatsoever and are not enjoyable to watch. Only girls,gays and little kids enjoy that garbage.
Guy1: Hey let me log in YT
Guy2: K
Guy2: Let's watch it.
Guy2: wtf it sucks
by SOMEBODY94 July 27, 2009
One of the best people on earth. Trustworthy, kind and pretty damn close to perfect. The best friend a person could get.
"What a lovely person"

"must be a Fred."
by FrankeeDoodle December 20, 2009
1. A genuinely awesome and persuasive person who is so attractive, smart and cool it is sometimes intimidating for other people. His eccentric and outgoing personality can often be misunderstood as being arrogant and just plain weird though those that truly know him are insanely attracted to him.
2. An awesome person whose name has been tarnished by some douche bag on youtube who has ruined the name "Fred" for all other Freds
Person 1: Oh my look how sexy and intelligent that guy is I bet his name is Fred
Person 2: You mean like that annoying kid on Youtube?
Person 1: Eww NO! I mean an actual Fred

Person 2: OH Ok now that you put it that way he is pretty sexy and looks so much like a Fred
by FredDitzian31 June 03, 2010
A female vibrator.
I broke my fred, wanna go shopping for a new one?
by The Abominable Cellist December 11, 2008
noun: railroad acronym for "Flashing Rear End Device", the "black box" attached to the rear of most freight trains in the US since the 1980's, replacing the caboose.

Officially known as an End of Train Device (EOT), this is attached to the rear coupler and air brake line of the last car on the train. The device incorporates a pressure sensor and a radio to transmit brake line air pressure back to the lead locomotive, and a flashing red light to serve as a warning marker to other trains at night.

Also referred to in less complimentary terms as a "Fucking Rear End Device", due to the fact that early versions were heavy, cumbersome to handle, and not known to be especially reliable.
"FRED is telling us we have no air. Either we broke the train in two (uncoupled cars or broke a coupler knuckle, which would disconnect an air line) or somebody closed an angle cock (valve that supplies air pressure to individual car brakes)."
by speedstan February 28, 2010
A combination of nails on chalkboard, ADD, lack of testosterone, and AIDs.

It's like a train wreck, so horrible you just can't look away.

That feeling you get when step on a nail.

The most horrible thing in the E-Universe, it well even possibly cause the real universe to expload.

In islamic the word "Fred" is equal to "Infedel". They dont want to nuke us because we are evil, its because we harbour the great evilness that is Fred.

the aliens reuse to contact us because the once flick on Youtube and saw fred. NOTE: They also saw 'Meet the Spartans', so this may also be the cause.

Fred will release a full length movie in 2012, this wil lbe the apococlypse.

It is a shame that such a thing(Its actually, classified in the same family as Sea Urchins) exists, but Fred can only be vanquished with holy water or a steak through the heart.

Spare yourselfs, and neevr watch him, and destroy your computer to be safe. If you have, better find a bridge to jump off.
I saw a guy watch to much Fred, his head just exploaded...
by FredIsTheEnd October 17, 2009

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