A crappy car company that claims to be American even though 90% of their cars are made in Mexico
Ford: Made in Mexico
by Tommy Nki February 18, 2007
The must offensive name you can call someone.
"your worse then a faggot your a Ford!"
by Angelo Natoli January 13, 2007
The best damn auto maker in the industry right now!!! They have POUNDED chevy, pontiac, dodge, basicly any sports car in america!
First On Race Day
Fast Overpowered Race Dominator
Furious On Ricer Destroying
by stang man July 20, 2005
A piece of shit car
Hi, my Ford just broke down. Can you give me a lift in your Holden?
by Holden rocks September 12, 2003
for one real drive, the usualy runs into mechanicle problems on next drive
"Forget that girls shes a ford, too many problems."
by jon September 10, 2003
Found On Road Dead
I saw your mom last night, she was in the ford on the corner of Vanburen and 19th ave.
by Driving a Honda September 01, 2003
Nick Skourtis, you idiot, that would be "FORM."
by Anonymous June 06, 2003

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