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Free to do as one pleases ; no attachments
Joey has always been a footloose person, always moving on and doing whatever he wants.
by xfalloutofgracex November 17, 2005
Footloose is a 1980's musical which in my opinnon in a VERY good musical. The show is about a town that bands dancing because some boys got in a car accident and died coming home from a dance. A new boy moves here and he changes the rukles all around and he gets the town back in to dancing. It is a great musical.
Footloose is so good you will pee and scream FOOTLOOSE at the same time
by fhdjksf October 26, 2005
The white person's version of a dance off.
Yo dude, all the white people are down stairs getting their footloose on.
by Harrison_91 September 16, 2010
a piece of shit
dude, you just stepped in some foot-loose
by planetidiot March 03, 2010
Slang for cool; meaning awesome, incredible, amazing.
Kevin Bacon is so footloose.
by Ashley E. August 27, 2006
When someone's anus or vagina is so unbelievably loose that it is possible to insert one's foot into it.
Kevin had so little traction in his ass that John was capable of using his feet to give him footloose pleasure.
by philanthropic arsonist July 19, 2009
Meaning a person that travels alot.
Joe is a footloose. He has been to many different countries
by Donovan Bray April 28, 2005
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