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a friend you know strictly through association so you'd have to list how you know them every time you introduce them. Like with the Kevin Bacon game.
Hannah, my friend's sister's former best friend from middle school's cousin's fiance, is strictly a Kevin Bacon, so I don't care she's pregnant.
by Kinko Vakowski February 01, 2006
An actor. Known fact that he has six degrees.
Carrie Fischer was in Star Wars with
Harrison Ford was in The Fugitive with
Tommy Lee Jones who was in Batman Forever
Val Kilmer who was in Heat with
Robert Dinero who was in Sleepers with
by talley October 28, 2005
Well I don't know much about him other than the fact he claims he's done movies with EVERY actor in the world. Which is bull, there's always new actors.

Well all I know is it's funny when the movie preview guy says his name.
Movie preview guy: "Kevin Bacon in... Footloose"
Friend: What the hell is so funny?
Me: *Still laughing*
*talking through fits of laughter* His... last... name... is BACON!
by Raw Doggy June 03, 2010
a man of many wonders and sillyness.
Because Kevin Bacon is the most wonderful actor of all-time, his Footloose performance was life-changing.
by alina is freaking amazing September 30, 2007
The best smelling actor ever
A: Hew, what's your favorite actor?
B: Kevin Bacon, he's so smelly...
by Da Word June 10, 2013
A term used to describe hot weather conditions.
"Whew, it is Kevin Bacon out here--it's a good thing we're poolside!"

"Feels like I'm living on the sun, I am so Kevin Bacon right now."
by Aubrey Upshaw June 18, 2008
An unpopular side to most breakfasts.
Ariel: "I'm ordering eggs."
Courtney: Do you think Kevin Bacon will go with my breakfast?"
Ariel: I don't think Kevin Bacon goes with anything, does it?
Courtney: Yeah. It totally goes with heaps of stuff."
Ariel: Like what?"
by Douchebag Foetusface February 29, 2008
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