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verb, transitive. To one-up someone in a roundabout way.
Martin: I'm going to cycle around Corsica this summer.

Damon: Yeah. I've been to Corsica. We sailed around the place but didn't like the food. So we went back to Sardinia.

Jon: You were just damoned - by DAMON!

by Chakka789 October 05, 2008
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Affectionate, highly emotional but will never show it expect in anger ( they tend to blink a lot). Body like a Greek God. Hard working, family oriented and a usually a well and sweet mannered southern boy. Generous and giving but Damons are NOT patient people. Damon's do not stay still, they go from place to place hence the spelling of the name backwards NOMAD.
did you see Damon today? No he left already, he couldnt wait.
by GREATERTHINGS June 07, 2011
A sloth-like creature, commonly has large eyes and spends his life playing shit video games.
Girl 1: Look at that dude over there, he looks like Sid the Sloth from ice age.
Girl 2: I know, it's so weird. He plays Forza on xbox all the time as well. It fills up my facebook page.
Girl 1: Omg, he's such a damon.
by MonkeySlutt404 December 30, 2011

Tall, sexy, dark haired man with sociopathic tendencies. Someone who steals his brother's girlfriend (See "Stefan"), even though she's not that smart or attractive (See "Elena"). Has amazing eyes. Best friend one day, snaps your neck the next. Loves cats.
Elena: Sorry Stefan, I love Damon now.
Stefan: But we're doppelgangers that are meant to be together! *cry*
Damon: *snaps Stephan's neck* That'll shut him up. Now let's have sex.
by Naenaj Sivraj November 10, 2013
a Justin bieber-esque guy whos like 2 feet tall and cries a lot and has fish eyes, wears teel skinny jeans that are his sisters and is a regular heart breaker who likes to stare at himself in the mirror. and is frequently called a fag by his sister and everyone he meets.
Sister: DAMON gimme my fuckin pants you little fag!
Damon: wait im not doen with the mirror! (shatter)
by kartata December 28, 2010
A bastardized version of the name Damion. Generally used by lazy parents who cbf writing that 'i' on their social security baby-claim forms.
Husband: 'Hey wife, let's call our son Damion'
Wife: 'Screw that, it's way too long, how about Joe?'
Husband: 'Let's compromise, why don't we call him Damon? It's shorter you know.'
Wife: 'That's pro, Damon it is'
by Groofy March 03, 2008
Refers to someone who looses two jobs in one day. Also means, someone who generally sucks at life.
That new kid turned out to be a total Damon, fuck I'm glad he's gone.
by LCRiders May 21, 2006

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