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Flu·ting Fluting
Pronunciation: Floo-ting

Flute (To Flute)

1. The act of inserting ones penis inside another penis.

2. A sexual act involving the insertion of a penile member into another penile member with a view to ejactulation.

3. Dick in dick sex.
"Yo blood, that guy over there looks like he needs a damn good fluting."

"Should we find somewhere quiet for a flute?"
by Devastez May 20, 2011
32 24
The sexual act of performing a rim job on a female, while reaching around to play the imaginary flute on her intimate parts.
Mate i played an intricate tune on her fanny last night whilst "fluting"
by VinceWalford May 26, 2011
10 8
The act of sucking a cock that is covered in poo-poo.
Dude did you see that porn? That was nasty, that guy was fluting!
by Saico August 30, 2008
4 40
n. Pronounced as Floo-ting. A vagina. Reference to a term in architecture meaning a decorative groove.
I'd like to fill her fluting!
by Jesty April 18, 2006
0 42