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In the social system that is the band, the brass sections are usually the loudest people, being the farthest away from the conductor and therefore having more opportunities to talk. Often trumpet players are tge ones who instigate conversation mainly to insult or laugh at woodwind players and/or the conductor and even each other. Trumpet conversations generally revolve around making fun of someone. Trombonists prefer to do their own thing in their own little family. Euphoniums are the quieter people of the brass section, constantly paying attention in rehearsal and rarely speaking. baritones are loud idiots. Tubas tend to be on the quieter side as people but once you get to know them there are loud af.

Overall the brass section is afamily and though they may face difficulties and get into fights, they always come back together. Because they are forced to. Being in a band together and all. But also their common enemy: the woodwinds. You just can't stay mad at another brass player when there are clarinetists to insult!!!!
flautist1: ugh the brass section is so douchy they never let anything go. Like every little mistake!!!!
Trumpet player: *snickers to other trumpet player*..*both burst out laughing looking at floutist1*
Trombone1: *watches interaction*..*whispers to other trombone player*..*start chuckling at some inside joke*
by Musicaljeanius May 02, 2015
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