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Furry boots typically worn by ravers and club goers.
Did you see the fluffies that chick was wearing?
by raverchick December 24, 2010
18 37
A member of Soliaonline, her full username Himura kiki~!~Fluffy.
She stays around the Town Square and Support and Feedback, she may occasionally wander to see what the admins are doing, and the people online on her Stalking list.
Fluffy is the evil creepy fluff ball of a stalker of the TSCAST.

Fluffy has awesome hair.

I would hide stuff in Fluffy's hair.
by Mr.MisterAwesomepants June 17, 2009
5 24
a girl with sexxiest ass evr, i cant help but shout fluffy when ever she brings that thing my way, unfortunately she refuses to give m the time of the day.
Guy: Ayoo fluffy wats good
Girl: leavee me alone
by donofq March 19, 2009
3 22
a hairy vagina on a teenage girl
jus. girl i like your fluffy
jas. thanks i brushed it today
by ardnas March 14, 2009
5 24
The fluffy covers for boots, shown on youtube, on triplesix's channel
If made or worn incorrectly, look like a few dead cats shoved into a bag and stapled onto ones legs.
"Oh man, Mandee has really long fluffies on!"
" D00d, I love your fluffies, LETS GO RAVE"
by Sir-mix-a-whole-lot January 29, 2009
27 46
commonly found on a big breasted woman; great use for a pillow when nothing else is around "big boobs".
Hey Misha you have nice fluffies!
by Cory o. February 14, 2008
5 24
Adaptation for the acronym for Furry Little Friend. FLuFfy
<singer> You're my furry little friend, I call you Fluffy!
If you mat up all your fur, I'd call you Scruffy.
by Mark Shackelford July 02, 2007
11 30