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When you're having sex with a woman and she farts on your balls
Was having sex with my woman last night and she gave me a fluffy
by Upstairsdragon December 14, 2013
a phrase that can be used in two ways

1). If you're on a winning roll in a game

2). You're literally on fire
1). Got on a winning streak on poker i'm on fire tonight lad

2). HELP! somebody help. I'M ON FIRE!!!
by Upstairsdragon February 13, 2014
Its a nicer way of saying fucking shitballs
Danny just won £10,000,000 in the lottery last night

Shucking fitballs
by Upstairsdragon October 03, 2014
Whenever you ask a pregnant woman who is the father of her baby
James: Yo Mary, I see you're pregnant who done the dirty deed then?

Mary: Oh it was Mark
by Upstairsdragon February 22, 2014
A term in football when a player of a team likes to keep the ball all to them self and not pass it
Dennis: Come on Bradley pass to me I'm open
Bradley: No I can do it all alone

Dennis: Oh you ball greedy cunt
by Upstairsdragon February 12, 2014
Northern Irish slang for the T.V remote
Sammy: Yo ma, Where's the box?

Mother: It's on the sofa
by Upstairsdragon February 07, 2014
When you really need to pee when opening the front door
I really needed to pee coming home now I'm doing the front door dance
by Upstairsdragon December 29, 2013

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