the most attractive of all farts
ang : sorry , it was a fluffy ..

liza : oh , it's all good .
by BALLSMCNEAL April 28, 2011
1) wisps or clouds of joy, happiness, and excitement.
2) cotton balls that have been in their bag too long.
Petunia became so excited to kiss Germaine for the first time, she felt like she could explode into a billion fluffies.

GINA! We gotta get to tha sto', it's time to buy new cotton balls again!! These done turned into fluffies!!
by KittyWiffs March 09, 2011
A fetish where a person likes to have sex in cartoony animal costumes.
From Entourage Season Four:

As Drama and Turtle picked up a pink bunny costume after meeting a chick on Craigslist to win a bet for Turtle to have uncommitted sex before the end of the day.

Drama: Damn dude she's a fluffy.
Turtle: You mean she wants me to wear this thing ...
Drama: Fluffies need love too ...
by JV312 July 17, 2010
A member of Soliaonline, her full username Himura kiki~!~Fluffy.
She stays around the Town Square and Support and Feedback, she may occasionally wander to see what the admins are doing, and the people online on her Stalking list.
Fluffy is the evil creepy fluff ball of a stalker of the TSCAST.

Fluffy has awesome hair.

I would hide stuff in Fluffy's hair.
by Mr.MisterAwesomepants June 17, 2009
Adaptation for the acronym for Furry Little Friend. FLuFfy
<singer> You're my furry little friend, I call you Fluffy!
If you mat up all your fur, I'd call you Scruffy.
by Mark Shackelford July 02, 2007
this is a "softer" term for calling someone fat, overweight, or obese.
"wow roseanne, you sure look "fluffy today"
by lisha January 11, 2005
1. n. A poser who acts new age and hippyish, but isn't at all serious about it.

2. n. Nickname for stand-up comedian Gabriel Inglasias.
He said he's meditating to purify his aura, but I think that fluffy is really just taking a nap.
by d8je8fduejd8w9q0dlvu84j January 18, 2011
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