How I like my weed.
Ay man this ganja is soooo damn fluffy!
by TnTbaby December 16, 2008
A common term used in the Pagan community to describe flaky, arrogant, young Pagans who have just began their interest in Paganism/Wicca or who are obsessed with sharing their interest with everyone. Typically ascribed to those who find persecution in their everyday lives or to those who can talk for hours about 'those damn christians'. Compare with fluffy bunny.
Wiccan #1: "Hey, I just got the newest edition of Teen Witch! Isn't it awesome!?"

Wiccan #2: "Keep your propaganda away from me, freaking fluffy."
by savinbalix May 13, 2006
A squeeky fart that slips out without warning
I just cut a fluffy in front of my boyfriend
by Lori December 05, 2004
Nickname given to Inuyasha's full demon brother Sesshoumaru because of his big fluffy fur pelt worn over one shoulder.

He is also known as "Lord Fluffy"
"Fluffy is -such- a pretty little bastard."
by pumpkin head August 06, 2004
A mean or bad thing/person. Somebody that is fluffy is either rude or mean and something that is fluffy is usually bad or not working.
That fucking sonofabitch is being fluffy.
by A dumb person July 25, 2008
A light, healthy salad with lots of bits added. An inconsequential meal.

"I think I'm going to have a nice fluffy salad for lunch"
by AddisonDeWitt July 18, 2006
This is a word used to describe a homosexual male.
That fluffy as mothafucker keep lookin at my man. Its bad enough i got to keep the women off but now the men to. What is the world coming to."
by leslinllo January 20, 2006

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