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this is a "softer" term for calling someone fat, overweight, or obese.
"wow roseanne, you sure look "fluffy today"
by lisha January 11, 2005
(Flah-Fee) Used to describe any prescription pain medication. Taken or derived from the movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. In the movie there where always "Searching" for Fluffy...
Ex: Fred's coming over and bringing Fluffy with him... I will text you when they stop by.

Ex: I just picked up Fluffy....


It's the Fluffiest!
by fluffy13088 January 26, 2010
much like yuppies/puppies except these are people who are flush with either their (famous) parents or family money (trust funds) and do nothing but spend and live aimlessly,
"paris hilton? nicole ritchie? the kardashians?" what a bunch of fluffies....
by cheaptrickrick January 13, 2010
A kid who used to be fat. He is also a BITCH. The kid who does whatever his girlfriend tells him. Girlfriend being a scene whore.
Fluffy kid: Okay darling! I'll make me some too.
Scenester 1: GOOD. BITCH!!
by Keith Myers August 03, 2009
(flu-fee) noun 1. any person involved in an IT change process who isn't asking for for a change to be made (ie a user) or actually making the change (ie a developer).
Normally, if asked to describe their role, a fluffy will struggle to adequately explain what they do.
A Business Analyst is a fluffy
by SandyB April 15, 2008
fluffy is the lint in someone's bellybutton
I alway's like to ask my boyfriend luis if I can pick the fluffy out of his bellybutton. : )
by ~FLACA~ May 22, 2008
How I like my weed.
Ay man this ganja is soooo damn fluffy!
by themothafuckinBOSS December 16, 2008