a hairy vagina on a teenage girl
jus. girl i like your fluffy
jas. thanks i brushed it today
by ardnas March 14, 2009
Derogatory term used to describe people with cognitive process and state of mind similiar to that an animal. They're so dumb and naive they verge on cute regardless of their demeanor; you almost want to pet them.
Person 1: Your boyfriend isn't very bright, is he?.
Person 2: I know but he's so fluffy :)
by pseudophallus March 10, 2009
The fluffy covers for boots, shown on youtube, on triplesix's channel
If made or worn incorrectly, look like a few dead cats shoved into a bag and stapled onto ones legs.
"Oh man, Mandee has really long fluffies on!"
" D00d, I love your fluffies, LETS GO RAVE"
by Sir-mix-a-whole-lot January 29, 2009
A kid who used to be fat. He is also a BITCH. The kid who does whatever his girlfriend tells him. Girlfriend being a scene whore.
Fluffy kid: Okay darling! I'll make me some too.
Scenester 1: GOOD. BITCH!!
by Keith Myers August 03, 2009
fluffy is the lint in someone's bellybutton
I alway's like to ask my boyfriend luis if I can pick the fluffy out of his bellybutton. : )
by ~FLACA~ May 22, 2008
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