"Flow" is said to be invented by Lax Bro's, BUT it was really invented by hockey players due to their super hot hair. but nowadays its usually referred to Lacrosse players. Flow i most of the time Native Americans- due to their super hot awesome long hair + skills (flow). i guess they have the flow in their blood.
*lax bro runs by with incredible flow*
girl: isn't he just.....awesome.
boy: its called flow, get it right.
girl: no....
boy: yes, its basically: length of their hair + skills = flow.

girl: ohhh. i get it
boy: its not that hard to get, only people lacking flow don't get it....
The style, personality, and belief of an idividual.
David - "did you listen to drakes new album"
Jae - "yeah his flow is sick, he never runs out of ideas to rap about"

David - "are you sure? cause to me he's always talking about females "

both laugh histericlly

Jae - "didn't think of that"
by P/B & J June 15, 2010
Sitting back letting the chips fall where they may.

Having hopes but not expectations.

Being content wth the situation at hand and not concerned with the future.

Letting nature take its course and fate lead the way.
Boy: "I'm really feeling your girl."

Girl: "Let it flow and see what happens."
by dollbaby December 30, 2009
another slang street term for money or cash
"Yo man u got the flow for that?"
by mateo el goo June 04, 2009
A game and past time originated in the 860 (Tolland, CT) where a bunch of chill kids pass around a waterbottle or ball. The purpose is to catch and pass with one hand, but have it travel around your back, over your head, or under a leg. Basically don't it stop, just flow like water.
James: Another gas leak at the school? Lets get a circle and flow.


Dylan: Now I just can't pass up some good flowing can I
by T-town Ballr March 21, 2012
A catch phrase often used like a noun describing Person, Place, Thing Quality, or action and usually function as the subject or object of a verb.
bbm flow, twitter flow, shower flow, music flow, aim flow, studio flow and sleep flow.

Studio "flow" all night.

Scooter: Why didnt you answer the phone?

Destiny: I was shower "flow"

Scooter: Ok, when your ready hit me on aim "flow"

Destiny: Ok.
by flokid February 29, 2012
is often replaced for money or cash
I don`t have flow to buy lunch.
by mithun bskrn February 07, 2011

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