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nice hair that a male may have - usually a lax bro
That guy is so hot - he has incredible flow.
by Ryan Dunn the 3rd November 03, 2010
The smooth way a person presents and handles themselves, or lack thereof... especially with the opposite sex.
All the ladies love the way James Bond flows, but can't say the same for Steve Urkel.
by Scott T. November 15, 2006
Another word for money.
You want to go to the movies? Nah man i don't have any flow.
by deadheadacidbed420 March 30, 2010
Flow defines, something that is very cool or something that is very un-cool.
flow is a word that signifies how you are feeling, it could mean happy,joyfull,excited,tepremental,angry and much more. Flow mean is like a way of life, it can mean any emotion or feeling.
-That outfit is so flow


-your being pretty un-flow

- your the most flow person i have ever met.
by Kyle Cyrus March 21, 2009
Being able to hold a conversation for a long time, talking about tons of interesting stuff and never skipping a beat.
Me and my friend have flow together.
by Bahamut Dragons June 30, 2005
n. a flow; 1. describing the movement of any mass of liquid. see lava flow, glacial flow, etc.

v. to flow; 1. to utilize skilled meter, timing and verbal fluency, usually used to describe the performance of a skilled rapper or poet. 2. to be very good at doing something, to the point that your actions become 'fluid'

adj. flowing; something that is fluid-like, that is moving (or appears to move) like a liquid.
n. 1: Scientist:"we have been tracking the flow of this glacier for the last 3 years now."

v. 1: Olly J:"when i'm on the mic you can watch how I flow,
coming quick with rhymes that never too fast, too slow..."
2: Dude:"you any good at halo2 yet?"
Other dude:"yeah i got it last week and i've been playin non-stop. I can totally flow now"

adj. 1. Police:"we are looking for a suspect in a bright red dress with long flowing blonde hair, we must bring this transvestite to justice
by Olly J May 25, 2005
A male player of a "preppy" sport, such as lacrosse, tennis, rows crew, or, in some cases, hockey. Said person usually has lots of long, seemingly perfect hair that flows out of the hat or helmet. When not covered, they tend to do hair flips. Not to be confused with bro. Also, tend to have great biceps, pecs, abs, and asses that get them lots of girls.
Girl-"Look at that guy's hair. He's got some flow.
Girl 2-"Yeah, i saw him playing tennis."
by flowbrow December 31, 2011