A very known word in the rap song "Nigga" by Ahmad Rifai And Peter Maliha. It does not mean anything. It's a word they just came up with in school. They were in grade 8, section A, year 2008 when they came up with it. The song originally consisted this phrase: "I got my niggas on the door and my bithces on the floor" composed by Peter Maliha. But Ahmad Turned it into flows and other nonsence words like ows, tows, gows.....
-Yo wassup nigga?
-Flows i good, how bout u?
-Ows not bad...
by Nigga Yo April 11, 2009
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n. A rapper's ability to rhyme to phat beats in a skillful manner
You heard that new Nas single? Nigga got one tight-ass flow!
by EmperorKO February 16, 2003
Long, curly or wavey hair. Mostly a hockey term. Hair that would flow out the back of someone's helmet and curl up around the back of the helmet. Someone can have a flow or be flowin
Check out Sully's flow,
by Steve November 23, 2004
The style and essence of a True Lax(lacrosse) Bro. Is usually referred to as long, wavy or curly hair, which can give someone flow, however, flow can also be attained by the equipment and uniform of a player (calf socks, knee length shorts). More importantly flow comes from the style of a player's game; if a player always makes sloppy plays or is a ball hog they are lacking flow, but if a player can make plays and pick corners he has flow.
"Chad has sick flow"
by lsimms45 January 29, 2009
Sick hair that was invented by hockey players...dont listen to and lacrosse players, they will try and tell you they invented it but they're just posers....Your flow has to be the perfect length...not to short not to long...you will know when it is perfect because you will play the best games of your life...take note of the perfect length so you cut it back to the perfect length when it gets too long...When it is too long that is considered an OVER-flow....side effects of an OVER-flow are; ankles bending more than usual, flopping passes, getting burned(applies to defensmen AND fowards), and the worst side effect that can kill a team is being a MAJOR sieve (goalies only)

PERSON 1: Hey! did you see Colby's sick flow

PERSON 2: Yah dude, that thing gives our team meaning!


PERSON 1: Bro have you seen Nick's hair? he needs some major trimage

PERSON 2: I KNOW!!! He's been letting in like 7 goals a game...HE'S KILLIN US!
by hockeykidd93 August 24, 2010
A rappers ability to vocalize a rhythmic yet complex string rhymes that fit together in a logical and seamless manner.
The flow on that Blackstar track is incredible!
by TonyB July 19, 2005
the real definition: long, curly hair that busts out of a lacrosse healmet. A key component of lax. It is in fact, 90% of the game.
After Travis cut his flow, he had two bad games in a row.
by travlax April 24, 2009
the hair that flows the back of a hockey or lacrosse helmet. although started in hockey, lacrosse players have adopted the tradition of growing out their hair. (lax players didnt start it thats bullshit. look at pics of nhl players from back in the 50s 60s and 70s. they started flow)

it is a widely known fact that a players skill level increases as their flow grows longer. however, after a certain point, flow turns into overflow and causes a players skill level to decrease dramatically. therefore it is of utmost importance to find the correct amount of flow without it becoming overflow
flow is an important part of the game of hockey. without it, we would all suck
by icefreak27 February 06, 2010

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