another slang street term for money or cash
"Yo man u got the flow for that?"
by mateo el goo June 04, 2009
A term started at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, the word "flow" describes the direction of the air flow in ones dorm room. The air flow direction can be used to determine whether or not it is straight to smoke some cronular nuggotrons in ones room. If in fact the air is coming in from the window and out through the door cracks, depending on how many times you have been written up, smoking would be frowned upon. If the flow is in through the door and out the window, one should not hesitate to burn it down. Although ill advised, one may shove a towel under the door to keep stanky cron from leaking into the hall when ones flow is not ideal.
Bill-Yo, you trying to blaze in here? Dave- Naw son. Lets go up to Mike's room, the flow is way better. Bill- Kimono Dog.
by doggy son son April 01, 2009
A Technique in tagging. it is when your signiture don't break or stop and is a continious line that connects one letter to another.
Flow tags is really hard to master.

Flows is very unique.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
The lyrics.
I always misunderstand Dre's flows.
by Fangsta March 18, 2003
Sexy hair that hockey players possess. There is a perfect length, but it varies with each individual. If the hair is too long it looks gross and lady like, and too short some may mistake the individual for a football player. The flow should partially "flow" out of one's helmet.
"Did you see Colten's sick flow?!"
"I did! I would do him in an instant!"

"If he didn't have the flow and played hockey would you?"
"Hell no! My weakness is hockey players with flow"
by Hockeyfan4life October 03, 2013
"Flow" is said to be invented by Lax Bro's, BUT it was really invented by hockey players due to their super hot hair. but nowadays its usually referred to Lacrosse players. Flow i most of the time Native Americans- due to their super hot awesome long hair + skills (flow). i guess they have the flow in their blood.
*lax bro runs by with incredible flow*
girl: isn't he just.....awesome.
boy: its called flow, get it right.
girl: no....
boy: yes, its basically: length of their hair + skills = flow.

girl: ohhh. i get it
boy: its not that hard to get, only people lacking flow don't get it....
The hair of a lion. Amol's hair
Yo that boul Amol has some S!ck flow
by Shhhhmurdahh October 22, 2014

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