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Comes from the word flop. elongated. Fl-oo-ping takes a measured time, whereas to flop is instant.
Feeling floopy (Wilting)
by Sam June 08, 2004
3 9
Any food that is jellylike and needs to be released from its confinement in a can. Called so because of the sound the food makes when being poured from the can. Pronounced with a long "oo" as in "moot".
During Thanksgiving we have turkey with lots of cranberry floop.
by pentozali June 06, 2007
1 8
The British slang word for Homosexaul, Gay, Fag, Queer, Bundle of Sticks, Etc. Relating acts of homosexaulity of the same sex.
Floop, Gay, Fag, Queer, Carpet Muncher
by Christopher Howell September 05, 2006
8 17
To neglect to flush the toilet after pooping.
Did you floop? That's really grody!
by Don Farrar July 24, 2006
5 14
A girl or boy friend that is merely for reputation.
She's a floop, just because you snogged her doesn't make her your girlfriend.
by Haily August 31, 2005
4 14
"Don't be such a complete floop, Gregory!"

- from "That Darn Cat!" (1965), at 1:24 in the film
by Floopster July 07, 2005
2 12
A permutation of the word fluff. Usually meant to add size to an object that has moveable parts.
Ben had to floop the branches of the plastic tree, as it began to look tiny in appearance.
by Samuel Parisi April 28, 2005
3 14