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Uncommon usage, technical jargon, verb, meaning 'to erase'.

Comes from 'eeproms' (Electrically Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory) units in days of yore which were 'flashed' so they could be written on again. Typically, a computer geek would understand this usage.
PC Onwer: "So, should I through my broken computer in the trash?"

Technician: "Make sure you flash the drive first, for security reasons."

PC Onwer: "WTF?"

Tech: "Uhh...erase all the information."
by T.R.I. July 24, 2006
To get 'flash/ed' is to get caught on a police speed camara.
Man slow the fuck down, babylon just flash you!
by Liquifux August 05, 2004
sucky software developed by macromedia/adobe
Also: see fail
wtf??! where did that random line come from? god i hate flash
by heffer101 March 10, 2008
Flash is the act of expressing anger or annoyance by somewhat randomly snapping at someone.

Flash back is the act of flashing at a person who just flashed you.

Slang may have originated in Sacramento.
Person 1: Do you want to get pizza or tacos?
Person 2: . . .
Person 1: Do you want to get pizza or tacos?
Person 2: . . .
Person 1: Hellooooooo! Earth to Person 2! I said do you want to get pizza or tacos?
Person 2: Would you shut the f*** up? Can't you see I'm on the phone?!?!?! I couldn't care less about f***ing pizza or tacos. (flash)
Person 1: And I couldn't care less about you!! I'm out. (flash back)
by Alexa 3 October 29, 2006
To vomit at night after a bout of heavy drinking, so that one's vomit
sparkles from the streetlights as it hits the pavement.
"Man, I had to fucking flash on the way to my mother's house last night!"
by buffalo patty April 23, 2005
the hardest most annoying program to get to work right. If you can pull off all the action script and shit and you're a good artist you've got everything you need to be on the top 50 at Newgrounds
How the fuck do u make buttons on Flash its so damn annoying
by PlayDohMan September 30, 2004
Part of the Dudar-Cressy vocabulary, 'flash' is a word describing something cool. It equates to that of the word 'groovy' or 'bitchin', but is much less retro.
That band is so flash!
How flash was that movie, guys?!
I really like your new haircut - it's totally flash.
by Sailor V October 26, 2005
Quarterback, New York Jets. Surnmane, Gordon.
Flllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaasssshhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, savior of the universe
by roco April 25, 2005