(Verb) Meaning your going to attack a certain person or thing.
Aye, im about to flash on this kid.
by 0din November 09, 2003
When a girl is drunk, a guy comes over and bangs her in all three holes very rapidly. Then when it's all over the girl doesn't know what happened.
Dude Richard there's the girl you flashed last weekend. I still don't think she knows what happened.
by yk2 October 30, 2008
In rock climbing, describes leading a route without falling after receiving information about the route beforehand or watching someone else climb it. See onsight and redpoint.
After my buddy told me how to surpass the crux of the route, I was able to flash it with ease.
by sano September 21, 2003
Noun- short for flash light. Used in pulp detective novels of the 40's and 50's.
I took out my flash because it was dark.
by newessex February 14, 2005
French Canadian version of "bling bling!" A noun, used often in terrible French hip-hop that denotes valuable accoutrements, such as rims, or jewelry.
While pointing to one's rolex, rims, or splendid jewelry: "regarder the flash."
by Sad Scrotum November 17, 2003
To show someone something
Nelly (Hot in Herre): "Waitin fo da right time to flash dem keys"
by princezz December 31, 2003
a sudden bout of rude or offensive conversation displayed by one individual in response to the other individual being a cunt bucket.
that bitch was gettin all up on my man last night, i had to flash on her.
by johnny freedom October 20, 2005

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