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A program created by Macromedia Inc. which allows the user to creat any number in a wide variety of on-line web based graphics and multi-media.

See: Strong Bad
The "Strong Bad's E-Mail" series is made with FLASH.
by Master Kiwi August 18, 2003
The feeling of beeing stoned.
Can be used as noun or adjective.
Man, I'm having a flash....

I feel the flash.....

I feel flashed.....
by HuMaNbEiNg June 18, 2005
a south london MC,MC Flash,hes a quick as a flash an is 1 of da sickest MCs about hes on da pirate radio station Delight.FM
raah!mc flash cum down last nite an ripped it up bruv!
by Sam August 01, 2004
fast and furious
by flash December 16, 2003
When you bone a chick in under 2 minutes.
Damn Jeff couldn't stay with Melissa for more than 2 minutes...
by The Big Man! September 22, 2003