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6 definitions by flashboy

Showing ones semi-boner to females for a thrill.
Wow, look at those babes by the pool. I think I will walk by and flip out my half hard cock and watch their reaction.
by flashboy June 29, 2003
201 76
Male or female who shows off their cunts or cocks for a thrill.
Golly, why don't I walk past those two cute girls and flip out my impressive half-hard prick-n-sack. I will get quite the thrill, then I can go jack it off.
by flashboy July 19, 2003
200 89
When you want to beat off, and there is no oil or cream around. Just cough up a floogie and coat your knob. Works great.
While in my car, I sometimes indulge in a nice spitwack to releive some tension.
by flashboy July 19, 2003
8 3
Stroking you hard penis in front of unsuspecting females, then unloading a healthy piss. The chicks will think you blew a load of jiz, and they will be quite impressed.
Oh, if you could only have seen their faces when I exploded with 24 ounces of jackpiss.
by flashboy August 03, 2003
12 10
A pair of short loose fitting shorts which will permit a female to catch a glimpse of your dick and ball-bag when sitting.
My my, that chick got an eye-full on my love sausage thanks to these favorite shorts of mine.
by flashboy July 09, 2003
8 6
When you don't have a tissue, you cover one nostril with your thumb, and blow through your other nostril shooting snot and boogers from your nose.
Did you see Bob last night, while he was talking to that girl, he did a Louisiana hanky and it stuck to her shoe.
by flashboy July 09, 2003
11 13