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The fastest thing eva....
Scott. E is Flash Ahhhhhhhhh
by Mr Flash January 27, 2005
12 23
To leave a place.
Yo lets flash they are waiting for us.
by Turath February 05, 2004
7 18
a lady displaying her bubes in puplic
oh yeah look @ her flashing
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
7 18
Originaly an east London slang for hash. Now wide spread
u know anyone dat can get me sum flash rude boy? na blud its all punk round dese ways, standard.
by mr woolf August 24, 2006
6 18
An application that can be used to create amazing content, but instead is often used to create crappy porn slide shows or dress up "games" that are then submitted to Newgrounds, and recieve high ratings.
Man1: "Hey, look at this guys experimental Flash site!"
Man2: "Nah, newgr0undz hazzz b00b13z."
Man1: "but..."
Man2: "B00BI3ZZZZZZ!!!!!111111one!!!111one"
by 8bit April 27, 2006
2 15
With a lighter, flicking it repeatedly and only keeping it on for a second.
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
3 16
Flash is the act of expressing anger or annoyance by somewhat randomly snapping at someone.

Flash back is the act of flashing at a person who just flashed you.

Slang may or may not have originated in Sacramento (cousins there shared it with me).
He totally flashed at me today. See how it went down:

Person 1: Do you want to get pizza or tacos?
Person 2: . . .
Person 1: Do you want to get pizza or tacos?
Person 2: . . .
Person 1: Hellooooooo! Earth to Person 2! I said do you want to get pizza or tacos?
Person 2: Would you shut the f*** up? Can't you see I'm on the phone?!?!?! I couldn't care less about f***ing pizza or tacos. (flash)
Person 1: And I couldn't care less about you!! I'm out. (flash back)

by Alexa 3 October 09, 2006
4 18