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This term relates to a person who is a fit lad.
Wow, you are such a Flad
by dommybroug April 06, 2011
Acronym for Fucked, Lame And Disastrous
This day is simply FLAD.
by B-Dog, T-Bag, Gremi, Wheeler November 01, 2012
Basically an all around pimp, player, hustler. Always known to throw the wildest parties and hook-up with the hottest women. Can usually be found in the VIP sipping champagne. Also known to be one the hardest mofo's around who can stop bullets with his teeth.
I went out last night and had the craziest time. We were hanging with Josh all night, he is definitely a Flads.
by MrSmalls April 04, 2011
Short for "for the lads"
Me: Matt, tonight make sure you bring along some beer flads
by FreeRobertMcgabe June 21, 2014
the state of being, or such as a pissed off potato
dont get mad, get flad
by Jamesd October 13, 2005
Antonym of klad.
Klad is good.
Flad is awful.
by Salty Jones August 15, 2008
The joy received while urinating
Man! I just experienced some serious flad in the bathroom
by yoymaster September 08, 2004

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