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The area between a hockey goalie's legs. Comes from 5 holes where a player can score; the upper left and right, the lower left and right, and between the legs is considered the fifth hole.
He scored through the five hole.
by Tony Roeser March 22, 2004
The gap or small space that you can see through between a slender females thighs directly under her vagina when she is standing with her feet together.
Did you see the five hole on here. Taken from the Hockey term five hole in where a puck travels between the goal tenders legs and goes into the net. the goal was scored threw the five hole.
by Hoover April 30, 2003
n. Ice hockey term for the space between the goalie's legs. Also a sexual euphemism.

Hey Pierre. Stick it in the five-hole, eh!
by gnostic 1 July 14, 2012
A synonym for the word "asshole" and usually used when speaking about anal sex. The origin comes from hockey. There are five holes that one can score a goal through. Two between the head and both arms and two between the arms and legs. The last one is between the legs. Although typically used by sports fans, the term "five hole" is spreading in popularity.
Dude, that chick takes it in the five hole.
by The Sandwich Maker September 09, 2010
Fivehole is another term for down south, lady bits, the muffin, etc, but generally should only used when referring to "scoring", and putting one in the fivehole.
Or in one word: Vagina.
Joe: Hey bud how did it go with Stacy?
Dave: Fantastic, I scored her in the fivehole!
by Jeebeez February 14, 2011
Used to describe a really attractive girl. Based of the hockey definition for the region between the goalie's legs, implying that the woman is so hot that you would consider having anal sex (or regular sex) with her if possible.
Holy crap, did you see how good Mandy looked today?! Frickin' five-hole!
by Lawrence K. February 24, 2010
Spoken when leaving one's seat to reserve the same seat upon your return. Best used around hockey fans, but around the ignorant it can be a great way to share some useless knowledge.
"Get out of my seat, idiot, I called Five Hole."
"What the fuck is Five Hole?"
"Where you shoot the puck between the goalie's pads. Anyway, I called it, now get up."
by darthcharming January 10, 2008
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