anything that puts a tongue to it. i heard of a woman who would spread peanut butter where she wanted her dog to lick.
Joe the eskimo made the fatal mistake of putting his tongue where he sholdn't have and he was stuck. That fish licker never learned. Lozing his tastebuds did not stop him from eating, however.
by lil big lil January 14, 2004
Top Definition
An insult that can be used against a heterosexual man. Also try carpet muncher, cat fucker, breeder, and the main attraction homophobe.
Man 1: "Man I would fuck the shit outta that girl with them big ol' titties and tight little ass of hers..."

Man 2: "You're such a total fish licker."
by BillyBo__b December 20, 2012
A lesbian; particularly one who is not fastidious when it comes to her partners feminine hygiene habits. So called due to the fishy aroma of the unwashed female genitals.
So Simone, are you a fish licker too?
by Apathetic Care Bear January 29, 2005
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