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Someone who fucks the feline variety.
"Hey you cat fucker" Ryan cranny from Michigan
by dobrom Bramis January 20, 2009
57 14
one who inserts their penis into a cats asshole or vagina for lack of a real human to do it to. That can be caused by ugliness, a deformity in the penis, other defects unattractive to females, or just being plain bored off your ass.
That dude is a total cat fucker, he couldnt get real pussy if he tried.
by napoleondynamite June 07, 2005
62 20
Any person who fucks felines for fun.
That guy over there in the corner eating his hoagie is a cat fucker.
by Cragdon Bugalus July 14, 2006
35 21
one who sticks his male genatailia into a felines anus
andrew w. is a total cat fucker
by hehe12345 June 19, 2009
13 4
worse than just a "fucker," but more petty than a "motherfucker"
Did you see Bill O'Reilly's show last night?

No, I shun that catfucker.
by The Spambulgler May 28, 2009
12 3
- some who wanks on or fucks cats
-Izaac wanked on his cat making him a cat fucker.
by Parade July 10, 2008
25 17
a gorgeous beautiful woman who makes out with 5 men a night at local frats
Damn that girl was definately catfucker.
by KSKsquad November 21, 2004
6 27