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The act in which a male / or transvestite (whatever u prefer), will paint their balls, one red one green, and their cock stripy as a candy cane, in the joy a spirit of celebrating the festive christmas season.....or any other time,, you then have FESTICLES
Josh - Dude ur festicles are hanging out!!!
Al - Oh i know
Josh - Man u sure do love christmas
Al - That i do my friend..that i do
Josh - U know what (whips out festicles), so do I
Al - Sweet, Lets strut with pride
(continues to walk down the road)
by Josh.T May 13, 2008
A Festival of testicles!
Guy 1: Hey good looking I'm having a festicle at my house tonight do you wanna come?

Guy 2: No dude I'm not gay I don't like testicles!
A festering Testicle. Usually attatched to a dead body, the festicle is symptomised by its green, and somewhat soggy appearance. The festicle may also occur on a living male. Usually after the insertion of testicles into another persons mouth. see teabag.
1.) As i went to pierce guy's scrotum, i realised he had a festicle.

2.) As Guy walked down the street he felt something roll down his leg, and realised his festicle had fallen onto the sidewalk.
by sam nutt April 25, 2007
the combined build-up of ball sweat and dust that accumulates on your nuts after many days at an outdoor jam festival.
Dude, I need a festicles are raging.

Did you catch Buckethead late night? My festicles were rockin'!!!
by Complex Moo Snuggle July 10, 2008
An old man's nasty-ass testicle; Festicles=A festering pair of old balls.
I'm sorry Grandpa, but noone's touched your filthy festicles in 27 years.
by B-Town May 12, 2003
The chafing or general uncleanliness that happens when a man walks around an outdoor festival for a full day.
Dude, I need some Gold Bond stat. My festicles are raging!
by thefoldrock January 11, 2011
see scooter,fester. A form of human who can survive only on Dr. Skipper, 7-Eleven nachos and tri-tip. Commonly flanked by a pair of agressive, poorly trained dogs, festicles are often found sleeping on couches and drinking large amounts of ny-quil. Festicles are possibly best known for their ability to make large amounts of money disappear in a relatively short period of time at a roulette table.
There's a festicle sleeping on my couch again.

by Enrico Palazzo May 16, 2006
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