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2 definitions by Josh.T

The act in which a male / or transvestite (whatever u prefer), will paint their balls, one red one green, and their cock stripy as a candy cane, in the joy a spirit of celebrating the festive christmas season.....or any other time,, you then have FESTICLES
Josh - Dude ur festicles are hanging out!!!
Al - Oh i know
Josh - Man u sure do love christmas
Al - That i do my friend..that i do
Josh - U know what (whips out festicles), so do I
Al - Sweet, Lets strut with pride
(continues to walk down the road)
by Josh.T May 13, 2008
The act of going for a refreshing walk while drunk or buzzed, in hopes of becoming sober before you go home.
Josh: Man im too buzzed to go home yet.
Al: Me too.
Josh: Lets go chillin the walk for a while before we go.
Al: Yea maybe ill get sober enough to make it passed dad.
by Josh.T October 13, 2008