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To perform or offer to perform a service of one's own free will. This action can be with or without compensation.
I will volunteer to help fascilitate a presentation at my favorite conference for the benefit of reduced registration costs.
by Matt Buckman September 13, 2007
The nickname for the University of Tennessee: Knoxville. Name is taken from the nickname of the state of Tennessee, which is the Volunteer State. Tennessee obtained this nickname when an unprecedented amount of volunteers came from Tennessee to fight in the Mexican/American War.

Commonly shortened to "Vols"
Let's go Vols!

I attend the University of Tennessee, home of the Volunteers.
by JTHNASH June 30, 2009
Those individuals dedicated to performing tasks that could have otherwise provided jobs to those that need them.
Our organization is proud have so many volunteers willing to give up their spare time to help in our goals.
by DueyDooDah February 03, 2011
unpaid well intentioned unreliable workers
When the game came on TV, all the volunteers left the job to watch it.
by Alfredo Fettucini June 08, 2013
Being forced to do something you don't want to do, on your own time, without any compensation, because some one can force you to do it. A form of forced labor,or slavery.
They want us to do work for free, that they would have to pay outside contractors to do, and they call it volunteer service. I call it screwing the help, but I'll do it because I need this job.
by benth December 20, 2009
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