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11 definitions by thissucksletsgogetdrunk

True, pure brew from the one and only Great White North. Not watered down like inferior American brew, just slow brewed to perfection. Canaidan beer is on average 5% - 5.5% alcohol, while Canaidan light beer is around 4% - 4.5%. The biggest Canadian brands are Molson Canadian, Molson Export, Labatt's Blue, Moose Head, Steam Whistle, Waterloo Dark, Niagara's Best, and even the cheap ass Lakeport.
Canadian beer is an icon, a symbol, and a legend
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 17, 2009
60 4
A band that you must listen to, established in 1998 by Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde. This band plays pure no bullshit metal, and has songs for when your partyin' hard, or for when you just want to sit back, chill, and have a beer. The band's motto is STRENGTH DETERMINATION MERCILESS FOREVER, or SDMF for short. Scientists have proven that everytime anyone repeats that motto, an emo and/or pedofile is crushed by a fuckin' transport truck pulling out of a brewery. Fans of the band are refered to as Society Dwelling MotherFuckers, and usually have an extra 24 on hand. They will usually drink that 24 in one single night with some good society dwellin' buddies.
All Black Label Society songs must be played at max volume.
Born to booze, refuse to lose
Live life stronger than death
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 16, 2009
49 10
A person with red/orange coloured hair, and in most cases pale skin and usually freckles, with ancestors hailing from one or more of the UK's 4 countries. The Earth's supreme race
everyone wishes they had ginger hair, not boring ass black/blonde/brown
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 16, 2009
75 47
A genre of music, heavier than rock. Metal bands include, but are not limited to, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Anthrax, Pantera, Megadeth, Down, Black Label Society, Slayer, Danzig, and Iron Maiden just to name a few. There are too many subgenres, like thrash metal , death metal, metalcore, power metal, doom metal, and black metal, again just to name a few. The image of metal has been tainted by whiny emo bands who try to classify themselves as metal, giving metal heads the image of suicidal, stupid, junkies who aren't going anywhere in life. This is a stereotype and definitly doesn't describe even half the people who listen to metal
It's all about pure fuckin metal
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 17, 2009
24 7
The welfare capital of Canada
Joe: Hey, lets leave your car here at the seaway and walk to the party
Tom: Fuck no, I'm not leaving my car in welland
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 16, 2009
42 33
A part of the small town of Pelham where people smoke and drink at the park, it's a pretty cool place.
Everyone's always drunk in Fenwick
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 16, 2009
14 8
A small hick town in Ontario, Canada, near St. Catharines. Nothing has ever happened here, or ever will. Everybody who lives here is bored as fuck. Pelham includes North Pelham (home of the big Avondale), Fenwick (drug use), and unfortunatly Fonthill (rich spoiled kids). It's recommended that you own a car if you live here so you can drive to Niagara Falls to find something to do. It's pretty cool other than that, because it's not Welland.
- Where are you from?

- Pelham

- Where the fuck is that?
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 16, 2009
15 11