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Term used when someone is lying or being dishonest. Also used to describe someone who is a cronic liar. This word has it roots in Birmingham, Michigan but has since migrated to the Northeastern Ohio region.
Mani: "Ya dude I'm going to be moving to PA this year to go to school there"

after Mani walks away..

Pat:"What a fucking Felds he is, all that kid does is lie"

Drew: "Ya he's the biggest Felds that I know, no one can stand his Cronic Feldsing"
by Gell_Hound May 19, 2009
9 5
Term used in poker when a player has folded their hand.
Speaker 1:Where the fuck did Ted go?

Speaker 2:He feld and went home.
by Orange Donkey May 12, 2006
15 12
Past tense of the word fold
I feld the paper and put it in my pocket
by boomah January 22, 2011
3 3
The past tense of Fold
Chris feld his hand as his cards were awful.

"Chris do you check?"
"No man, I feld!"
by Brendon N. May 05, 2006
8 10
The past tense of the verb "fold", not to get confused with "teld" the past tense of the verb "told".
I teld her a week ago to fold those clothes but they still aren't feld!
by SlyBoots August 01, 2005
7 15