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Masculine Persian/Iranian name of an ancient painter/artist and the ancient founder of "Manichaeism" (religion).
People with the name Mani are ofter characterized by great success, extreme good looks, off-the-charts intellect, and a great ability to "Mani-pulate". In addition, their cojones put the British Royal Crown Jewels to shame.

Pronounced Maa-nee
Mani is the ultimate dream of every mother-in-law.

Did you see what Mani accomplished in such a short period of time?
by Ozgal February 03, 2010
spanish for peanuts, but the "i" is accented like this: Maní.
If you are in Central America and little kids get on your bus yelling "Maní", they are trying to sell you peanuts. They do not want your Money..except as payment for peanuts. Actually, they might want your money. But they aren't saying money.
by crack February 18, 2004
a saying first heard in an antidrinking advertisement in New zealand. As the guy fakes a pass of the rugby ball to his friend he scares him. This makes the short fat guy say. oooowww you manis, sorta like frankie spencer. Manis is short hand for is .. as in the old cartoon love is...
First fat guy :ooww You manis

Second fat guy: your a manis

First fat guy: your a manis

man is ... not having to say take your hand off my ass please george
by I3igCheese October 19, 2006
Mani means ruby in Indian languages. It also means time in some parts of India.
In Indonesia, the word mani must be used with some caution - it means sperm there.
by samirah June 10, 2005
bass player of Stone Roses, now currently in Primal Scream
dude, did you hear mani play I Am The Resurrection live?!
by vervegirl October 30, 2004
a male menace. A man who causes annoying disturbances or violence.
That guy I was with last night was such a manis. He not only asked for my number ten times after I refused, he also destroyed my boyfriends car once he found out I was taken.
by BRIGEMI December 08, 2009
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