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somebody who is gay but just momentarily forgot, also works the other way; a straight guy who momentarily forgot he was straight
Dude#1: Um did you just make out with that guy over there, i thought u were straight...
Dude#2: oops i must have just Fargot
by keiloerop April 22, 2010
A derogatory term used to describe a person who is into taking drugs, smoking weed or even smoking cigarettes obsessivly. Slang alternative to faggot. Used widely in Asian cities by urban English-speakers. See also Farg.
Awww... Dat guy izza real fargot, can't lay his hands offa his stashie.
by Arxces February 17, 2005
adam's special thing...
adam: "marc and ryan were making our own fargot stand.."
by gip June 22, 2004
A homosexual, much like jaxxor and Van Cleve.
my $fargot = 'Van Cleve';

if($fargot == 'Van Cleve')
print('Van Cleve is a fargot.');
by Smith December 17, 2004

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